Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Red Herring of Article 50

By Anthony Bright-Paul 

What the heck is Article 50? You may well ask. It is a labyrinthine maze devised by the EU to deter members from leaving their grasp. It is a EU concept, it is an EU conjunct. It has nothing to do with us in Great Britain, for we have already declared roundly that we are leaving. But we have been ensnared so long by the spider’s web of directives and regulations that there is a mindset, even with the Leavers, that we still have to abide by their rules, and make our exit slowly and interminably at the EU bidding -- by invoking Article 50.
Of course, it is all a nonsense. If you wish to leave your golf club it is simple -- you stop paying your subscription. Since Great Britain is the second biggest contributor to EU funds after Germany, can you wonder that they wish to punish us should we abscond? But we have absconded, and even many in Great Britain have not yet taken that in. Once we leave the EU, once we stop contributing, their finances will collapse like a pricked balloon, leaving only Germany to fund the whole show. Is it any wonder that they wish above all to delay our departure?
We have gotten so used to our prime ministers -- be they David Cameron, John Major or even Margaret Thatcher -- interminably dropping over to Brussels to plead with some unrecognisable Eurocrats for better terms; we have gotten so used to the humiliation that is heaped upon our leaders that we sometimes forget that we are a free people, with our own parliament making our own laws.
We have no need whatsoever to invoke Article 50, since we have already declared roundly that we have left the EU. They know it and we know it – or at least some of us know it. But some here in the UK have gotten so used to being slaves that they are fearful of freedom. What will we do without the ‘Single Market’? they cry, irrespective of the fact that most of us don’t even know what this single market is. We are like a convict who is freed from prison and is fearful of the fresh air of the world outside. We have forgotten that there are many markets, plural markets, Asian markets, African markets, South American markets, North American markets -- why there are markets galore, awaiting a free people and free enterprise.
Who cares what Herr Juncker thinks? Who cares to be bossed about by Angela Merkels? Who cares to be reduced to the craven servitude of Greece, unable to escape the fell clutches of the German bankers? As if our enterprising businessmen could not survive without constant and costly consultations with those whose interests are a far cry from our own!
Even our present prime minister, Mrs. Theresa May, who has so loudly declared that Brexit means Brexit, yet she goes round like a timorous bather dipping a toe into the water here and dipping her toe into another part of the water there, as if fearful to take the plunge and swim. With each hesitation the water seems colder and colder and less and less friendly. And the anxious and scaredy-cats gather around her and make her more nervous still.
We cannot take the plunge until the terms are right, they say. We must negotiate in order that there will not be too much of a shock to the system. What if our economy gets upset?
So while we dither on the edge, we forget how it was to be free, how it was to make our own laws, how it was to have our own Courts of Law supreme, how it was to rule the seas around these islands, how it was not to be forced to pay ‘Danegeld’ to the tune of nearly £20 billion a year to fund a bureaucracy that is intent only upon its own survival and those who have benefited from it.
Enough is enough! We the British people have had enough of being at the beck and call of the European slave masters. We have had enough of pouring our money into the void. It is a totally hopeless scenario. Everything that could be achieved could be achieved now, quickly and without fuss.
We only need to declare that the British people have voted already to be free from European Laws, free from European directives and regulations and that the only laws that apply in these blessed isles are those laws that are enacted at Westminster and that receive the Royal Assent. Everything else is illegal and therefore null and void. All payments to the EU bureaucracy should cease forthwith and the promises that were made to support our indigenous National Health Service should be fulfilled.
As our French friends say, it is as simple as saying Bonjour! It is as simple as saying G’day, as say the Aussies. The people of Great Britain to the tune of over 17.5 million people have already declared ‘Good Riddance’ to the Euro laws, good riddance to the Euro Courts of Justice, good riddance to the overweening stupidity and cupidity of the Eurocrats -- what more needs to be done?
We do not need Article 50. We do not need to invoke Article 50. Our prime minister has simply to make a declaration that the British people have spoken and enough is enough. We simply stop paying and we are out. 

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