Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Two Police Stabbed In ‘No Go’ Brussels Migrant Enclave Of Molenbeek

Two Brussels police officers have been stabbed in the notorious Belgium suburb of Molenbeek. The suspect has been arrested while police claim no serious injuries to either officer. Two police on routine foot patrol in Molenbeek were attacked Wednesday afternoon by an unknown assailant. The suspect, a male, is said to have attacked the officers with a knife before fleeing. The man was apprehended by another group of police who were close to the scene. Authorities have so far not released any information as to the motive of the attacker or his identity, but mentioned that the officers did not receive any life-threatening injuries due to the stab proof vests they were wearing at the time. The Molenbeek district in Brussels has become synonymous with Islamic radicalism and Salafist extremism as a large portion of the Paris and Brussels attackers resided there. Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam was able to hide for months from Belgian authorities after his participation in the Paris attacks leading many to believe that many in the district were sympathetic to his beliefs.
Breitbart London

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