Thursday, September 15, 2016

VIDEO: Shocking moment 'mass street brawl breaks out between migrants and German locals'

THIS shocking footage shows the moment a mass street brawl broke out between a mob of reported migrants and German locals - highlighting the growing unrest in Germany over Angela Merkel's ill-fated refugee policy. The fight broke out between around 20 young asylum seekers and 80 angry locals in Bautzen, a town in eastern Germany, in the early hours of this morning. According to reports, migrants hurled bottles and wooden stakes at police officers. A group of 10 police officers were forced to use batons and pepper spray to defend themselves. A police spokesman said the Germans were chanting slogans saying Bautzen and the Kornmarkt belong to them. The asylum seekers went back into their camp on Dresdner Street, where police stayed to prevent further violence. Officers also went to three other refugee camps in the area. There are also reports of German locals throwing stones at an ambulance, which had arrived to assist a 32-year-old Morrocan man who had reported injuries at the camp. The situation calmed down at 2.30am. The riot is just another reminder of the unrest in Germany in reaction to Mrs Merkel's decision to let 1.1 million refugees into her country. And Germans appear to be punishing Mrs Merkel for her accommodative refugee policy. The German leader has seen her popularity crash after she took a battering in her home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania when her party was pushed into third place by the anti-immigrant Alternative for Deutschland (AfD).

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