Monday, October 03, 2016

98% of Hungarian Voters Reject Muslim Migrants


The people have spoken. The media will fume. And the EU will reject their decision.
Hungary has voted emphatically against accepting EU migrant quotas, exit polls suggest, in a cry of defiance against Brusselsthat is likely to cement the country’s status as the leader of a “counter-revolution” against the bloc’s central powers.
The vote against is estimated at over 98 percent, but is likely to be invalidated due to sub-50 percent turnout. And yet the message is quite clear. There simply is no support for the EU's policy of dumping Muslim migrants. The security arguments are obvious.
The country’s counter-terrorism centre also revealed this week that Hungary became a “logistics hub” for jihadists in the months leading up to the November 13 massacre in Paris, which left 130 people dead and a further 368 injured.
The “hub” was used to co-ordinate Isil fighters who were posing as refugees with fake passports as they returned to central Europe, intelligence chiefs said.

There is little enthusiasm for the migrant dumping plan among the smaller and weaker countries.
The decisive Hungarian vote came as Sebastian Kurz, the Austria's foreign minister, said the European Union should drop its plan to distribute 160,000 refugees around the member states.
"The target is totally unrealistic," he said, in an interview with the German daily Welt am Sonntag warning that countries' disagreements over the plan could threaten "the cohesion of the entire European Union".
If the EU loved Brexit, just wait.

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