Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Syrian refugee arrested for terror plot in Germany commits suicide in jail

THE Syrian refugee arrested in Germany for plotting a terror attack on an airport has committed suicide in prison, according to reports.Jaber al-Bakr was caught by police in Leipzig, eastern Germany, after a massive search operation over the weekend. The 22-year-old was found tied up and immobilised in the flat of a fellow Syrian in the early hours of Monday morning. Al-Bakr had been on the run since a kilo of explosives were discovered at his house in the Chemnitz during a raid on Saturday, but a fellow Syrian recognised him, held him and called polcie. Officers have described the cache found in his home as 'high-grade', indicating the device Bakr was allegedly making was not amateur. The terror suspect should have been on suicide watch, under constant supervision, but according to news agency dpa he was found hanged in his cell.Intelligence officials were allegedly watching Jaber al-Bakr for several months after he arrived in Germany illegally in February 2015. According to his Syrian passport, he was born in a Damascus suburb in January 1994. German intelligence services received reports of a possible attack, and they alerted police in the eastern state of Saxony. On Thursday, it was revealed, police feared he had used the internet to get bomb-making instructions and had obtained explosives.Police believed al-Bakr was planning a bomb attack and was in the advanced stages of preparation. The Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution suggested his target may have been a Berlin airport. Officers also claimed he was in contact with Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

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