Monday, October 17, 2016

German anti-Trump and anti-Israel activist calls for the gassing of the editor of the weblog "Jihad Watch Deutschland"

Pic: Screenshot Facebook- Account Eckart Christiansen

Eckart Christiansen, a German anti-Trump and anti-Israel activist has called for the gassing of Fred Alan Medforth, the editor of the German weblog "Jihad Watch Deutschland".He called Medforth a hook-nosed, Hebrew, universal criminal.
And he demanded: "Off with you into the gas chamber, Medforth !" (See screenshot below)


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Freigeist said...

Medforth demands unlimited "freedom of speech" when it comes to uttering hate on the internet ( against Muslims and leftists and liberals, of course). So, what will he say now if he is confronted with outright anti-semitic remarks? He quotes them taken from their context and complains. That is all I wanted to know.