Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary’s scary clown face terrifies voters

By Karin McQuillan 

A friend, who happens to look much like Hillary, recently commented that while she is not photogenic, as ugly as her worst photo is, my friend believes she never looks demented.  But Hillary does look demented – a lot.  Looking at Hillary’s weird facial expressions, any person with common sense feels a deep unease.  
If Hillary is healthy, why does she have almost no campaign appearances for the last month before the election?
A common Hillary expression – whites of the eyes, mouth straining wide open.  Stressed out and weird.
Is this a healthy person’s face?  Zombie Hillary addressing the press on national security.
“That wide-open-mouth/insane-elation thing with her face” – Ann Althouse
So many questions.  Why has she been having catastrophic falls for years?  Why is she so exhausted?  Why did Huma request that a public appearance be kept under two minutes because there was no podium to lean on (Wikileaks)?  Does she have brain damage from her concussion and subsequent blood clots?  Why does she freeze?  Does she have Parkinson's?  As Trump asks, what drug is she on to be so jazzed at the debates and utterly exhausted afterward?
Is it the face you want to see on your next commander in chief?

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