Monday, October 31, 2016

Muslim “child migrant” who claimed he was 16 to enter UK said he was 22 on dating site

“War is deceit,” said Muhammad (Bukhari 4.52.269)
“Calais ‘child migrant’ who said he was 16 to come to UK claimed he was 22 on dating site,” by Siobhan McFadyen, Express, October 31, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
A CHILD migrant who was sent to the UK from the Calais Jungle camp in France wrote on a dating site that he was 22-years-old.
Haris Stanikzai from Afghanistan came to the UK to live with his uncle and initially claimed he was 16 but then told Home Office officials his date of birth which aged him as 17.
However it has now been revealed that social media accounts linked to the individual purport to show that he’s a 22-year-old student.
According to reports his Linkedin account appeared to display he had been an accounting and finance student at Jahan University in Kabul.
Mr Stanikazi was one of the first ‘child migrants’ to be transferred to the UK under a scheme which relocated minors to Britain in advance of the closure of the controversial camp.
The Afghan national, who did not produce documentation to verify his age had no birth certificate, and apparently told the Home Office that he was born on January 1, 1999.
He arrived in the UK to be reunited with his uncle Jan Ghazi as part of a group of 14 young people who were relocated last Monday amid controversy that many of the children looked over the age of 18.
Haris spoke to the Mail he said: “I am 16 years old.”
While uncle Jan Ghazi added: “I do not know the exact day and month that he was born, but he is my nephew and I know, I can see, that he is 16.
“The Home Office may have said that his birth is on a particular date and I do not want to have an argument with them over it, but he is younger.”
The Home Office has refused to comment on the issue however it is believed he was screened by an officer whose job it is to certify whether a child is in fact a minor based on their “physical appearance and demeanour”….

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