Friday, October 07, 2016

Nobel Peace Prize Continues Decline Into Absurdity

The Nobel Peace Prize is the participation trophy of the Nobels. It's been a joke for a while. We are after all talking about a prize won by Al Gore, Arafat and the IPCC. But things took a turn into slapstick territory when Obama won it for reasons even he couldn't explain. Neither could anyone explain. He had won an award for, as far as anyone could tell, being on the left, before even doing anything.
But the whole joke took on a new level of absurdity when the President of Colombia won it for selling out his people by making a deal with FARC, a left-wing terror group beloved by the left. But the problem is that the deal had already been rejected in a referendum by the Colombian people. The Nobel award was for a deal that never actually took place.
That's silly even by the standards of an award that had been won by the EU. Not to mention the incredibly useless UN peacekeepers.
Between Obama and Santos, the Nobel Peace Prize can now be handed out to people for nothing. That sounds about right.

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