Sunday, October 09, 2016

#RiggedDebate: First Debate Question Goes to Hillary... About Trump Tape

Lester Holt's bias level at the last debate was obscene. There were multiple attacks aimed at Trump and softball questions to Hillary. It looks like anyone expecting that CNN would preside over a less biased debate than NBC is going to be deeply disappointed.
The first set of questions at Sunday night's presidential debate will be about Donald Trump's vulgar comments on a newly published 2005 videotape, and the fallout from it.
And Hillary Clinton will get the first question.
So we're going to lead a presidential debate, not with national issues, but a Trump scandal, and the first question about it will go to Hillary allowing her to spout off a prepared speech.
Whatever anyone thinks of Trump, this is naked bias. It's not even bias, it's a rigged debate.
I would hope that this process will teach the GOP once and for all to cut the mainstream media out of the loop. We've passed the point where the media was merely biased. These debates might as well be stage-managed by the Hillary campaign. And for all we know they are.
A Republican nominee agreeing to media moderators is just agreeing to participate in hours of Democratic attacks and to star in their attack ads. There is absolutely no sense in doing so.

Raddatz and Cooper are meeting on Sunday morning to sort through the questions and come up with a final plan for the 90-minute debate.
The commission says the co-moderators have sole discretion about which participants to call on.
One of the goals, according to two sources, is to involve the town hall participants as much as possible. "This is the peoples' debate," one of the sources said.
It's the people's debate alright. And by people, they mean CNN brass and on air talent.
Another one of the moderators' goals is to include topics that were not covered during the first debate, plus campaign storylines -- like the Trump tape fallout -- that have happened since then.
Why exactly is a debate covering "campaign storylines" instead of issues? And is there any chance whatsoever that Hillary Clinton will be asked about "campaign storylines" like her husband's rape or her own tape laughing at a 12 year old girl's rape?
So it's just one campaign's storyline. Hillary's.

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