Tuesday, November 01, 2016

BREAKING NEW WIKILEAK : Even John Podesta called Hillary a LIAR

Hillary Clinton is a professional liar.

Just ask her campaign staff.
Anything that comes out of her mouth is a total lie, which is why her “untrustworthy numbers” with the American people are so HIGH.

Nearly 70% of Americans say they cannot trust Hillary Clinton.
That’s devastating.
We’ve also discovered via Wikileaks that her close aides and top campaign officials think she has bad judgment, terrible instincts and comes off as “phony.”
Gee, ya think?
If that wasn’t bad enough, now we’re learning that her campaign chair, John Podesta thinks she’s a BIG FAT LIAR.
Podesta claims he “Can’t believe Hillary.”
In the exchange below, once again Hillary uses the “I can’t recall” excuse when asked about something.
Her staff knows that’s a worn out and tired excuse for her lies – so why should the American people believe or trust her?
The “Don Baer” reference is regarding a man who owns a PR firm.
So, the answer to Hillary’s LIES is for her campaign o hire a SPIN DOCTOR.
hillary liehttp://truthfeed.com/breaking-new-wikileak-even-john-podesta-called-hillary-a-liar/33270/

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