Thursday, November 03, 2016

Brexit Ruling Just Latest Tactic to Block Will of the People

After the referendum made Brexit possible, I warned that the establishment would do everything possible to stop it. That should not come as a surprise to anyone. Brexit was very much a popular rebellion whose centers were well outside the centers of power. The establishment is culturally and politically hostile to it. And one of the most basic ways that the system has of sabotaging policies it doesn't like is to swamp them in procedural red tape and as much politicking as possible so as to make them unviable. Doing that to a Brexit is trickier, but it's still happening. The same old game plan is to just bog it down as much as possible until its motive energy runs down. It's worked in the past. It may not work this time. But that won't stop them from trying.
Rerun Brexit through Parliament and maximize the wrangling. The Court's ruling is certain to do that. Keep it going through the grinder long enough and maybe it'll go away.

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