Tuesday, November 22, 2016

German Court: Sharia Police Intimidating People Not Illegal

This move effectively just legalized Sharia patrols enforcing Islamic law by harassing people. Expect plenty of more imitators if this verdict holds up.
A German court on Monday ruled that a group of Islamists did not break the law in forming "sharia police" street patrols and telling people to stop drinking, gambling and listening to music.
The ultra-conservative Muslim group around German Salafist convert Sven Lau sparked public outrage with their vigilante patrols in the western city of Wuppertal in 2014, but prosecutors have struggled to build a case against them.
The city's district court ruled that the seven accused members of the group did not breach a ban on political uniforms when they approached people while wearing orange vests bearing the words "Sharia Police".
Judges said there could only be a violation of the law - originally aimed against street movements such as the early Nazi party - if the uniforms were "suggestively militant or intimidating", a court spokesman said.

What's the difference between Nazis and Sharia police? Let's put aside the claim that some people didn't know what they are. If one witness mistook a Nazi uniform for a Salvation Army uniform, it wouldn't change the core intent which is to menace and intimidate. That is the purpose of Sharia police.
So this really becomes a debate over whether Sharia police can be considered menacing. Since Islamists dominate the dialogue and the claim is made that any criticism of Islam is Islamophobic, then Sharia police can't possibly be intimidating.

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voice of reasoning said...

Angela Merkel sold Germany for nothing. She turned the german citizens to servant in their own land and gave the muslim radical power to terrorize the innocent German citizens. Why is it okay for the muslim to kill and travel to western countries and seek to change them.SHAME ON THE GERMAN COURT, ESPECIALLY THE JUDGE THAT CALLS EVIL GOOD. THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU ARE A COWARD, HYPOCRITE AND HAVE NO SPINE TO SAY THE TRUTH. YOU ARE A COWARD AND A CHICKEN

Why is it that they are scared to move to Qatar, Bahrain,Oman, Brunei etc. These people bring their wicked ideology and barbaric way of life to impose on civilized culture. It is high time people stand up to them and not pay attention to the bull crap word of islamophobia. No westerner can change Saudi Arabia in the way they rule or govern their people or influence their culture, why do we allow these radicals to think they can bully the world to accept their evil way of life. I wonder what type of god they claim they serve and know.. A god that tells them it is okay to behead people, bomb people and harm people that refuse to accept their evil way of worship. I rather remain a pagan rather than serve their God but bless God am a christian. A religion that preaches love, grace, forgiveness, tolerance, cohabitation with people that do not even share the christian faith. Look at the world and see the evil that a religious system is causing. How many innocent lives have died and yet, I hear they are a religion that preaches that they would go to heaven for shedding innocent blood. for causing pains and grieve to families. A religion that rejoices and enjoys shedding blood. Britain is suffering from their hypocrisy , so also France, Belgium and Germany. All you evil liberals with you evil agendas will account for the innocent lives these barbaric radicals are shedding. It is so funny that when people try to voice their opinion that are called racist and Islamophobia.. Radical muslims
It is time to push back