Friday, November 11, 2016

Germans forced to adopt Trump’s brilliant idea

By Arnold Cusmariu

Infamously associated with Hitler’s rise to power, Munich is making news of a different sort these days. Breitbart/London reports
A 12 foot wall is being built in Munich to separate a housing estate from a new migrant center that will house 160 unaccompanied minors.
Locals living in the Neuperlach Süd housing development in Munich, less than 100 meters from the site at which young migrants will be staying, went to court to get the wall built.
Germans living in the area fear bad behavior among the newcomers, and concern over likely levels of noise when they arrive, will lower the value of their properties if the migrant center remains for an extended length of time, reports Der Spiegel...
That, at 12 foot tall, the wall will stand higher than the notorious Communist-era Berlin Wall has been noted by the media. German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year evoked the Berlin Wall as an argument against erecting border controls to protect from mass migration.
Since the arrival of over a million non-European migrants to Germany in 2015 the country has seen a massive increase in street crime and sex attacks.
This week the Catholic community in one town reported that “not a day goes by” without new cases of willful destruction of Christian statues. Police suspect the attacks, which they believe are carried out with “a pure lust for destruction,” could be religiously motivated.
“Non-European migrants”?
“Unaccompanied minors”?
“Destruction of Christian statues… could be religiously motivated”?
How about “Muslim horde invading Germany, looting and raping in a manner reminiscent of the Red Army during World War II”?
Chancellor Angela Merkel, responsible for the current immigration mess in Germany, may well rethink her decision to run for a fourth term next year. Let’s hope the Germans succeed in finding a Donald Trump counterpart to restore sanity in Europe’s most prosperous and economically powerful nation. And speaking of German wealth, they better pony up when President Trump gets around to asking them to pay their fair share of NATO costs -- another welfare program urgently in need of trimming.

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