Monday, November 21, 2016

Merkel Thinks Germans Wouldn't Be Understanding If She Didn't Run for Office Again

What do you after you've wrecked Germany?
You run for a 4th term. Obviously. So you can wreck it some more.
Don't get the idea that Merkel really wants the job. Nah. She's just doing it because her people wouldn't be very understanding if she didn't insist on staying in office to wreck Germany even more.
The veteran chancellor announced Sunday she would run again in next year's polls and seek to govern Europe's top economy for a total of 16 years, which would equal the marathon term of her conservative mentor, Helmut Kohl.
"Many people would not be very understanding if now I failed to use all of my experience to do my duty for Germany," she told party faithful from her conservative CDU.
While outgoing US President Barack Obama and The New York Times have cheered Merkel, many voters have become fatigued with the reign of "Mutti" (Mummy) and her right-left 'grand coalition' which utterly dominates the political scene.

...for not very much longer.
The winds of change are blowing through stuffy establishment halls. Merkel is becoming Germany's Hillary. And while that comparison is somewhat unfair in that Merkel did legitimately get the job on her own merits, there's a growing disgust with the semi-permanent rule. Merkel's best defense used to be stability. Her open borders fascism however has wrecked that.  Germany is overrun by a plague of migrant criminals. And that plague has not only led to thousands of robberies and sexual assaults. But it's also collapsing the European Union.
And without stability, Merkel has no other arguments to make in defense of her continued rule.

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