Sunday, November 20, 2016

Muslim Parents Name Baby After Terrorist Who Shot 8-Year-Old Jewish Girl in the Head

Wouldn't it be awful if we stopped Muslim migration to America? Just think of how much we would miss out on. Like this French experience.
French authorities have stepped in after parents gave their child the name Mohamed Merah, the same name as the jihadist who killed seven people, including threee Jewish children in 2012.
The unnamed husband and wife, from Nice in France, have applied to name their baby boy Mohammed Nizam Merah, after the notorious terrorist.
The 23-year-old gunned down seven people in the Toulouse area in a terrorist attack before being shot dead by police in his council flat in 2012.
The attack included an assault on a Jewish school.
The first victim was a rabbi and teacher at the school who was shot outside the school gates as he tried to shield his two young sons from the gunman. The gunman shot both the boys as well. He walked into the schoolyard, chasing people into the building.
Inside, he shot at staff, parents, and students. He chased an 8-year-old girl into the courtyard, caught her by her hair and raised a gun to shoot her. The gun jammed at this point. He changed weapons from what the police identified as a 9mm pistol to a .45 calibre gun, and shot the girl in her temple at point-blank range
Mohammed Merah remains a hero to many Muslims. Because his atrocities are the essence of Islam. Which is the murder and subjugation of non-Muslims.
Left wing organizations, such as HIAS and J Street, advocating for Muslim entry into the United States, are taking actions that will lead to this happening here.

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What a beautiful child. I loathe the Islams!!!!!