Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Left’s Dead End

By Andrew Solomon

The Left has no alternatives anymore.  When you buy a bag of hammers, it's just that, a bag of hammers with an occasional sickle thrown in.
The only reason chemotherapy is prescribed is because the oncologist still believes there is enough fight in the body to overcome the cancer.  However, when the entire body has been taken over, there is little use for any further attempts in using the lethal medicine.   It's over because there is more of the bad than the good.
So when the Left summons up the phrase Alt-Right perhaps we should take it as a compliment.  They are at least admitting that the majority of the right is good, salvageable and moral.  It's just that small percentage of whack jobs attached to the rest.  A little chemo and voila!
But unfortunately the Left has no such luxury.  The entirety of the Leftwing Movement has become a form of medium strength tyranny.  They are no longer soft because they are rioting up in the streets, murdering police, blocking traffic and destroying private property.  They are not yet hard because they haven't completely metastasized into the tumorous archipelago of gulag-building yet.
They are still somewhat loosely organized even though they do have the traditional media, colleges, entertainment and slightly less than half of the government on their side.  But understand, if Hillary Clinton had won, those scales would have tipped radically the other way with an imperialist invasion of the courts.
There is no “alternative Left.”  I wish there were.  I wish there were some form of sanity still there, but now it is entirely filled with socialist rot.  There are no more blue collar Democrats.  They have been hounded out of the mob of the Free Stuff Brigade.  It is now a cult of plunder and predation, of envy and redistribution, of hate and class warfare.  It is a belief in violent statist extraction over a society that once regarded the free market of voluntary exchange morally virtuous.
So when you hear the propaganda of Alt-Right, as much as it is false and disingenuous itself, understand that the Left has no alternatives anymore.  It is its own universe in another zip code in another galaxy that normal working people no longer belong to for at least the last 16 years.  It is no longer the party of Bill Clinton who was a moderate who still believed in working with the other side in Congress.
What the Obama presidency showed is that being a strident partisan of force distillates a purity of ideology.  It purges out any compromise and alienates half the country.  Obama was a Coercive, someone who believed politics was like sports.  When you win, the other side does not need to be consulted because they lost.
It's a good lesson because now they may reap what they've sown in the exact same measure, no alternatives allowed, the politics of winner takes all.  And no more reaching out across the aisle to moderates, for they simply do not exist anymore.  They have been purged out of the party.
Perhaps we should steal a line from Obama, “We won.  You lost.  Get over it.”
Okay, we did.  Done.  Thanks for the insight.  Harry Reid showed us the way to use the reconciliation process to utilize a simple majority vote.  So no more compromises.  No more alternatives.
Politics has become sport now.  You hit a ball over the net.  The next election cycle, they return the ball, back and forth, and each side reverses everything the other side did when they had the ball whether it was Obama ending welfare reform with the stroke of a pen or Trump when he obliterates Obamacare.
The Democrats started this game, but they're not going to end it.  In fact, now, it never ends.  All alternatives have been sidelined for the foreseeable future.

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