Thursday, December 15, 2016

Austria: Muslims attack demon Krampus in traditional Christmas parade

Another violent story highlighting a clash of civilizations and assimilation problems. In Western culture, you don’t attack people en masse and at random because you have “sexual emergencies”; nor do you attack people dressed up as “demonic mountain spirits” in a parade.
“Clash as teenagers face off against Krampus”, The Local, December 8, 2016:
Things got a little more exciting than usual at the annual Krampus parade in the small town of St. Johann in Pongau when a group of teenagers attacked the demonic mountain spirits.
According to a report in the Oesterreich daily, a group of young Turkish teens were provoked by the boisterous display of the Krampus performers, and physically attacked them during a procession near Salzburg on Tuesday night.
The parade consisted of around 40 Krampus-costumed locals, many of whom had already thoroughly warmed themselves with a few drinks, as is traditional.
Krampus is part of a Christmas tradition at this time in Austria and parts of southern Germany, which sees a parade of masked young men, dancing through the street dragging chains and giant metal sleds with fire and noise-makers.
The Krampus is often known to punish onlookers, using long thin sticks to beat people around the legs, especially if they’re suspected of being naughty……
At least one 15-year-old Turkish youth was arrested after attacking a Krampus with his fists. Friends of his attempted to intervene in the arrest, however police quickly gained control, and made additional arrests.
Back in 2014, a woman was hospitalized after being attacked by a masked attacker dressed as Krampus.

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