Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Berlin Police Storm Refugee Center After Christmas Market Massacre

Wir schaffen das?
German police special forces have stormed a hangar at Berlin's defunct Tempelhof airport, which now houses Berlin's biggest refugee accommodation centre, according to German magazine Focus.
Four young men were questioned at the police station in the refugee camp, but there were no arrests, according to Sascha Langenbach, spokesman for the refugee agency.
The operation, which also involved forces from the special unit (SEK), began at 3am and lasted five hours, involving up to 250 officials, Welt.de reported.

The center is a mess. It housed 1,300 migrants.
When Merkel opened the borders, Germany had no ability to accommodate the mass of Muslims that flowed in. Tempelhof, like so much of the migrant infrastructure, is its own kind of no-go zone with no way to know what's going on. It should have been cleaned up a long time ago and its residents sent back to their countries. But even this latest Muslim migrant atrocity isn't likely to accomplish that.

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