Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Market Massacre Muslim Refugee Killer Couldn't Be Deported

24-year-old Anis Amri, the latest suspect in the Muslim massacre at the Christmas Market is a Tunisian Muslim refugee who should have been deported. The notion of a Tunisian refugee is already absurd. And we have a Muslim refugee terrorist who should have been deported carrying out a massacre.
Detectives in NRW had already investigated Anis A, on suspicion of preparing an act of terrorism, the state interior minister Ralf Jäger has confirmed.
The interior minister in NRW, Ralf Jäger, has confirmed that the suspect was supposed to be deported back to Tunisia. However the case was held up because Tunisian authorities at first refuted that he was a citizen of their country.
"The necessary papers arrived from Tunisia today," SZ reports Jäger saying.
The SZ also reports that the suspect spent a day in detention but was freed again after authorities were not able to ascertain completely his actual identity.
This utter lunacy that comes from filling your country with enemies while providing them every possible civil right led to the massacre.

Tagesspiegel and SZ have reported that the suspect should have been deported from the country months ago. It seems that he applied for asylum under different names and managed to get hold of temporary papers under one of his aliases.
The suspect was taken into custody pending deportation and then released a day later, according to SZ.
He had also already been a suspect in an investigation over a terror plot, but apparently fell off the radar after he moved from western Germany to Berlin.
Tagesspiegel is reporting that the Tunisian man whom police are currently pursuing should have been deported long ago and that several attempts to deport him failed.
The newspaper claims that he had an asylum request rejected in the summer of 2015. It also reports that the temporary papers belonging to him which were found in the truck were filed under a different name.
If this proves to be the case it will add fuel to an already tinder-charged debate on deportations and abuse of the asylum system.
In several high profile crimes this year, the suspects should have already left the country. This was the case for the man who carried out a suicide attack at a bar in Ansbach in July.
It was also true of a rape suspect arrested in Hamburg earlier this month. The Moroccan suspect should have been deported from Lower Saxony, where several thousand people with deportation orders are still living in the state.
However a conservative lawmaker at the same news conference, Stephan Meyer, said the suspect was in fact from Tunisia and being watched by police.
"We are apparently talking about a potentially dangerous suspect who was known to authorities and belonged to the Salafist-Islamist scene," he told reporters after a meeting of parliament's interior affairs committee.
You can blame a certain degree of incompetence, but German law enforcement could not seriously be expected to handle a massive influx of foreigners who operate off the grid and find sanctuary in the Muslim no go zone colonies that are already off the grid. Merkel created a Muslim state within a state. The blood and carnage is on her hands.

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