Friday, December 23, 2016

Claim: Berlin Attack Suspect ‘Shot Dead in Milan’ – Reuters

A large truck has stormed through a Christmas market in the German capital of Berlin killing 12 people and injuring many others. A 23-year-old recent migrant has been released after police concluded he was not a suspect, and officers are now hunting a Tunisian immigrant.

UPDATE 9.44 GMT — Italy’AMSA Newswire reports:
The Berlin attacker Anis Amri is believed to have been shot dead in Milan, during a shootout with police at around 3am. According to preliminary information the man was stopped during a routine road check in Piazza I Maggio in Sesto San Giovanni. The suspect pulled out a gun and shot the agents who responded to the gunfire killing him.

According to police, the road block, in front of Sesto San Giovanni station, was put in place as part of normal traffic control. The man, who was on foot, was asked to show identificationallegedly pulled out a gun from his backpack, and he shot a policeman, hitting him in the shoulder. At that point, the agents returned fire, shooting the man, who has now died. The man, who had no documents with him, has not yet been identified and investigations into his identity is ongoing

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