Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Could Angela Merkel save lives by outlawing Christmas?

By Ed Straker

In the wake of the news that most probably a radical Muslim (a Pakistani, according to reports) has driven into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least twelve people and injuring dozens more, the question arises: should Germany outlaw Christmas?
After all, it was a Christmas market that triggered the attacker.  And even if the attacker wasn't triggered by the Christmas holiday, such gatherings of Christians make them an easy target for Muslim attackers.
Given that Chancellor Angela Merkel has imported millions of Muslims into Germany, shouldn't she be working to remove any basis under which a fundamentalist Muslim could be triggered into attacking ordinary Germans?
She can start by outlawing Christmas.  And then from there the selling of pork and alcohol.  And schools, pools, and public facilities should be segregated, and women should be required to dress modestly (with hijabs, if not burkas).
Sounds preposterous?  It's the natural progression resulting from importing millions of people who are hostile to your countrymen and their culture.  If Merkel isn't going to stop admitting Muslims, and she's not; and if she's not going to deport them in any significant numbers, and she's not; and if she's just been renominated to be the head of her party for the next election, which she has, the logical conclusion is that she should see her mission as doing her best to accommodate radical Islam.
Because, make no mistake, these deaths, and the other murders and rapes caused in Germany by Middle Eastern Muslims, are directly caused by Ms. Merkel's policies of open borders.  And the German people must approve of them, because they keep re-electing her as chancellor and keep renominating her to head her party.  This is what they want.
I'm really glad I don't live in Germany.
By the way, compare and contrast the statements of Donald Trump and Barack Obama on this.  Trump immediately blamed Islamic terrorists; Obama gave his sympathies but studiously avoided naming the source.  He might as well have been giving his sympathies to the victims of a flood or tornado.
Since this is a breaking story, I apologize in advance if the killer turns out to be a blond man from Sweden acting in the name of radical Episcopalians.

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