Thursday, December 15, 2016

Facebook to Integrate Left-Wing Attacks on Conservative Stories You Share

Facebook resisted the Fake News crusade for a little while. But as I predicted, they bowed. Partisan left-wing "fact checking" sites will now be able to get an opportunity to smear and argue with conservative news stories that you share. It goes without saying that the right doesn't run the other way. Conservative sites won't be allowed to rebut smears and myths from the left.
If you share a link to a conservative story that the left doesn't like, its editorialists who call themselves "fact checkers" may be able to integrate their rebuttal directly into the feed.
According to BuzzFeed, which aggressively pushed the Fake News crusade, this is what that will look like.

In essence, Facebook is giving the partisan left free space on conservative news links. It's also allowing them to undermine a conservative link while promoting their own agenda.

It's not quite censorship, but the partnership with left-wing partisan "checkers" helps move it to the next step of barring sites outright. For the moment, Facebook has decided that you shouldn't just be able to share links to what you're interested in without the left getting a say.
This is yet another reason for conservatives to rethink being on Facebook. But Facebook has also shown vulnerability to pressure. It made this move under pressure from the left. Pressure from the right can reverse it.
The key will be finding Fact Checker abuses, and they are legion, and turning one or more of them into the face of a campaign against Facebook. That won't be hard to do.
Consider Politifact claiming that Trump's statement that Hillary wanted open borders was a lie... despite there being a recording of her saying that she wants open borders. Simply reporting the facts would lead to Facebook's embedded "Fact check" challenges. Take one or more of those and the real resistance can begin.

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