Wednesday, December 21, 2016

'For God's sake!' Furious Sky News guest savages Merkel over reaction to terror attack

 Angela Merkel and Kevin O'Sullivan
ANGELA MERKEL’S reaction to the Berlin terrorist attack has been savaged by a Sky New pundit.He said: “What she actually means is ‘it would be very difficult for me [Merkel]’ to learn the attack was carried out by someone who came to Germany for refuge. “Because of course it is her policy.” He continued: “The problem is… of course the far-right are having a field day because she let 1.1million refugees come into Germany without any checks. “For God’s sake is it any great surprise that possibly one of these people – they are coming from an area known for terrorist and unrest – is it a great surprise that this sort of thing would happen?” Police are still hunting for the perpetrator of the truck attack after the only detained suspect was released with police saying there was no evidence to link him to the attack.The former suspect, a Pakistani national named only as Naved B, had denied any connect with the atrocity. Authorities are now frantically searching for a new suspect who may be on the run and is likely armed. Security has been stepped around the German capital as Mrs Merkel encouraged Germans to continue to gather at their famous Christmas markets. Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller said: “The right thing is to keep your eyes open – be vigilant in this situation. “But you can move around safely in public places. There is no need for panic.” Interior Minister Thomas de Maizeire said: “No-one will rest until the perpetrator or perpetrators have been caught.”Angela Merkel has said she will punish those responsible for the attack as strongly as the law allows her.Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack and said one of its “soldiers” had carried out the attack. In a statement released through its Amaq news agency Isis said the attack was carried out in “response to calls to target nationals of the coalition countries”. An emotional vigil took place on Tuesday night at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church close to the scene of the attack.

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