Thursday, December 15, 2016

French surprised that integrated middle-class Muslims arrested for terrorism

By Ed Straker

Every time a radical Muslim kills, the media is quick to remind us about the integrated middle-class Muslims – the hardworking cargo handler, the well liked elementary school assistant, the friendly grocer.
Unfortunately, France just arrested a hardworking cargo handler, a well liked elementary school assistant, and a friendly grocer on charges that they were getting ready to massacre a bunch of innocents.
One was a well-liked elementary school assistant. Another was a hard-working cargo handler. The third was a friendly grocer. They were longtime friends in their quiet suburban neighborhood, and they joked with teenagers and greeted children with a smile.
They found weapons in the apartment of the well liked elementary school assistant, and the authorities intimated that the group of well-liked Muslims were about to launch a massive attack.
Yet in the early hours of Nov. 20 agents from France's internal security agency swooped down, plucking the three and one other from their apartments, charging them with plotting a terrorist attack, and locking them up in a prison outside Paris.
Here was a new type of terrorism arrest: decently paid men in their 30s giving no warning signs of radicalization – no beards, no robes, no proselytizing[.] ... There were certainly more obvious candidates for jihad. The four arrested gave no outward hint of radicalization.
And unlike many troubled youths in Paris and Brussels who have latched onto the Islamic State, they did not live on the margins. They had stable jobs and no previous brushes with drugs or crime.
"Nobody saw anything," said Olivier Bitz, Strasbourg's deputy mayor in charge of counter-radicalization. "And that is profoundly disconcerting. It is profoundly destabilizing for society. Now, the threat can come from anywhere."
No, not from anywhere.  Just from Muslims.
This is precisely the point that politicians refuse to get, time and time again.  Muslims are unvettable.  A certain percentage of them enter the country with plans to kill, but even worse, a certain percentage come in with no plans to kill but acquire the killing disease later.  The radical Islamic ideology that sways them works, not surprisingly, only on Muslims.  Not Christians.  Not Jews.  Not Hindus or Buddhists.
That's why there is no way to do "extreme vetting" of Muslims, and why we should stop all Muslim immigration until this subset of hate in Islam burns itself out, whether it takes five years or 50 years or 500.

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