Tuesday, December 27, 2016

German broadcaster to apologize for calling Nazi camps ‘Polish’

A German public broadcasting station must apologize to a survivor of Auschwitz for calling the Nazi death camps “Polish death camps.” An appeals court in Krakow, Poland, announced the ruling on Thursday. Ninety-five year old Polish Holocaust survivor Karol Tendera filed the lawsuit against the ZDF broadcaster over a 2013 promotional trailer for a documentary about the liberation of Auschwitz and Majdanek, which described them as Polish death camps, though Nazi Germany set up and ran the camps. “Every Pole won’t necessarily be offended but the plaintiff was. He went from being a victim to the culprit” because of the erroneous wording, the judge wrote in his ruling, the AFP French news agency reported. A lower court had dismissed the case, citing two explanatory letters written to Tendera by the broadcaster. The appeals court ordered the broadcaster to publish its apology for a month on its website.


GREEG PL said...

German public (!) television station ZDF named the German concentration camps at Auschwitz and Majdanek as „Polish death camps”. For this ZDF was sued by former Auschwitz prisoner Karol Tendera and lost that case in court. The court ordered ZDF to publish an apology on their main page and to leave it visible for 30 days.

For some reason ZDF published them very discreetly, at the very bottom of their website in the box Dock / Wissen with the title „Karol Tenders Apology.” Only when you click on that title, you can see the content of the apology.

When Poles started to remind them that death camps were actually german and they should not falsify the history of their own country, ZDF issued an appointment saying that everyone using hashtag #GermanDeathCamps will be banned because of spam and lack of netiquete.

Therefore we have decided that we should show ZDF what we think about their reaction.

So let the whole world know that there were only #GermanDeathCamps

EA said...

Animation about Holocaust of Poles