Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merkel: It Would Be Hard to Bear if Christmas Market Terrorist is a Refugee

It certainly would be hard for Merkel's political prospects.
Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters: "There is much we still do not know with sufficient certainty but we must, as things stand now, assume it was a terrorist attack."
"I know it would be especially hard for us all to bear if it were confirmed that the person who committed this act was someone who sought protection and asylum," she added.
Clearly he didn't seek asylum. You just foolishly and wrong chose to give it to him.

She added that it would be "particularly disgusting" if it turned out the attacker was an asylum seeker, saying such an act would be an insult to all those who helped refugees and to all those who genuinely need Germany's protection.
It would be disgusting because it would show once again that Merkel and the rest of the pro-migrant gang disregarded all the sensible warnings and forced open the doors of Europe to a murderous rabble animated by hatred for non-Muslims. Thousands of women were already assaulted. Wasn't that disgusting enough? How much more evidence is needed?
The Muslim migrants are behaving naturally. There's no more reason to be disgusted at them than at the scorpion that stings the frog. A brief look at Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria should have told any sensible person what to expect. It's the politicians who aided and abetted them who merit disgust and far more than mere disgust.

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