Sunday, December 11, 2016

Obama's CIA: Russians favored Trump in election

By J. Marsolo

The Obama CIA must have little to do, because instead of focusing on Islamist terrorism, Obama's CIA is now trying to blame the Russians for Hillary's loss.  The reasoning is that the Russians were behind the WikiLeaks emails of John Podesta and the DNC.  The emails showed that Hillary is a corrupt liar and that Obama lied.   This helped Trump win.
Obama said "ISIL" was not on his intelligence radar in 2014.  Evidently, Islamist terrorism was not a big concern for Obama, but using the CIA to blame the Russians for Hillary's loss is.
 The accuracy of the leaked emails is not questioned, but Obama complains that the release of these emails interfered with the election.  But the release of such information shows that the Russians favored Trump if the Russians leaked the emails.  Thus, the accuracy of the emails does not matter; what matters is that the Russians leaked the emails.
 The emails document that not only did Hillary lie, but so did Obama.  For example, Obama lied when he said he learned from the news shows that Hillary was using a private email server.  But if Hillary was not a corrupt liar, and if Obama had not lied, then there would have been no emails to leak.  It is the message, not the messenger that counts.
Trump's opponents are obsessed with the Russians.  Jill Stein's petition for a recount is based on the argument that because the Russians hacked the emails of Podesta and the DNC, the Russians, or someone else, may have hacked the voting machines.  Of course, the voting machines are not on the internet, but this does not matter to Stein, supported by Hillary in the recounts demand.
Obama is trying to clean up his legacy.  Hillary's loss is a repudiation of Obama because he campaigned furiously for her to win so she could carry out his policies.  Blaming the Russians is a diversion to take attention away from the repudiation of Obama and is part of his legacy campaign.  It also is part of the Democrats' campaign to weaken Trump.
The conclusion by a neutral CIA should have been that WikiLeaks provided the truth about Hillary and Obama, which the mainstream media failed to do.  Hillary and Obama could have avoided the leaked emails by telling the truth.
 We knew this, which is one reason why Trump won.

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