Friday, December 23, 2016

Syrian asylum seeker who escaped jail with prison guard lover caged AGAIN for child rape

 Hassan Kiko
A SYRIAN asylum seeker who escaped his cell with the help of his prison guard lover will serve time behind bars for raping a 15-year-old girl in the back of his friend’s car.Hassan Kiko was found guilty of rape and sexual coercion of a 15-year-old girl by Switzerland’s supreme court after being sentenced to four years behind bars a year ago. But the vile sex attacker was not given extra time for escaping the confines of prison with his prison guard partner. Kiko broke free with the help of Angela Magdicic in early February after the two are believed to have fallen in love from opposing sides of his cell door.The two escaped to Italy where they posted videos confessing their love for one another before being arrested just two months after their great escape. But Kiko will not face any extra time after it was revealed Ms Magdicic was the mastermind behind the escape. And his lawyers even managed to use his escape as a defence of his character. Kiko's lawyer Valentin Landmann said that while the Syrian was "rather sexually indiscriminate" in the past, he had now found the "love of his life" and wanted to move on.The court heard how Kiko lured his underage victim to his colleague’s car from a Swiss bar in late 2014, where he went on to rape her. The former hairdresser defended himself, claiming that his victim had pretended to be 19-years old and had "wanted sex just five minutes after” meeting the Syrian asylum seeker. He even claimed that his victims had “more pleasure than him as he was tired from work”. Kiko has a chequered past, having been caught committing multiple crimes including two prior convictions for sexual assault.Meanwhile, Magdici could face 27 months on the wrong side of a cell door for giving favours to the prisoner and aiding and organising his escape, as well as gross violations of traffic law. She appeared in court alongside her lover this week, wearing a headscarf after having converted to Islam. She also claimed that she will marry the sex attacker once he has served his full sentence and she has legally separated from her current husband Vasile Magdici. Mr Magdici filed for divorce after noticing his wife had started learning the Koran, raising his suspicions that she was having an affair.

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