Monday, December 19, 2016

Truck ploughs into crowd at Christmas market in Berlin TERROR ATTACK: several dead

 Berlin: Truck crashes into crowds in Berlin at Christmas market
A TRUCK has ploughed into a Christmas market in Berlin injuring several people and killing several people and injuring many more, reports say.Police on the ground have said this is a suspected attack on German shoppers. A witness said "people are crushed" while another said people are passed out on the ground underneath the articulated truck. One person at the market said the truck was travelling "fast" and crashed with a loud bang. The exact number of those injured is unclear but locals are reporting several fatalities.Witness Emma Rushton said on Twitter the incident happened quickly. She wrote: “It was going 40 mph and it wasn't near a road and no attempt to break.” Local newspaper Berlin Morgen post said police confirmed the incident in Breitscheidplatz, Berlin-Charlottenburg. The incident comes as Brussels streets were put on lockdown as police descended.The area has been sealed off and an area set up for relatives of the injured.

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