Monday, January 02, 2017

Angela Merkel sets world record for cluelessness as she urges ‘openness’ in the face of Islamist terror

By Thomas Lifson

It was not that long ago that Angela Merkel was hailed as the most important leader in the West. That was before she inflicted roughly a million military-age young Muslim males onto her country.  Male Muslims schooled in the ways of Sharia understand that young girls out on the town dressed in clothing more revealing than a burka deserve to be raped.  They’re asking for it, and a decent Sharia-compliant society requires them to be punished.  By Muslims, of course.
Infidels, you see, exist only to pay tribute to Muslims, and when they stray from the behaviors they are permitted, then Mohammed teaches that they must be brought into line.  If they acknowledge the superior status of Islam as dhimmis, they maybe allowed to live by paying the jizya tax on infidels. If they fail to subordinate themselves to the ummah, why then a Muslim is justified in any mayhem that is permitted by the Koran against kufrs -- a long and horrifying list.
Muslims are required to help bring about the worldwide rule of Islam via struggle – jihad.
These insights are available to any national leader that cares to pay attention. Mekel, obviously, is above such mundane facts. And the German volk get it. The UK Daily Express reports:
The embattled Chancellor, who is surrounded by armed guards around the clock and travels everywhere in a bullet-proof car, said terrified citizens should meet the ISIS terror threat with “openness”. 
Her remarks come less than two weeks after a failed asylum seeker drove an articulated truck into families at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and seriously injuring dozens more. 
The shocking tragedy, which followed a spate of jihadi terror attacks earlier this year, has heaped yet more pressure on Mrs Merkel’s hated open door migration policy. 
But in her annual New Year’s Eve address the under-fire leader was unrepentant, insisting that ordinary Germans should continue to attend public events despite the risk to their own lives. 
She said she was “so convinced” that Germany would emerge from its migrant chaos stronger, and bizarrely stated that the public mourning following the Berlin attack had filled her with confidence for the country’s future. 
I dunno about that. Germany doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to responding to crisis and violence in the streets.
Speaking on national TV she said: “So what of the confidence that I spoke of at the beginning? Confidence in the midst of deep grief for the dead and injured?
“I think we could feel it here in Berlin and in many other German cities even in these difficult days - in the comfort that we were able to give or to receive.
“And in our firm determination to counter the terrorists’ hate with our humanity and our solidarity.
“By carrying on with our lives and our work, we are saying to terrorists ‘you are murderers, full of hate, but you do not determine how we live and want to live. We are free, humane, open’.” 
Yeah, telling them they shouldn’t hate infidels could work in a universe where Muslims respected the “weak horse.”
Meanwhile, the Obama administration is bringing in as many Muslims as it can before the inauguration of President-elect Trump.

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