Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Anti-Trump protesters torch limo belonging to Muslim immigrant

By Rick Moran

A limousine owned by a Muslim immigrant was totally destroyed by fire during the anti-Trump protests over the weekend.
Muhammad Ashraf, the owner of the company, Nationwide Chauffeured Services is now out $70,000 and there is no guarantee that his insurance will cover it.
In an exclusive interview with Red Alert Politics, Ashraf said he wasn’t a supporter of Donald Trump during his campaign, but Friday’s protests were completely counter-productive.
“I have a different point of view,” Ashraf told Red Alert. “I did not agree with many of the things he said, but that still does not give me the right to go and affect someone’s livelihood.”
Ashraf noted that the Women’s March on Washington and in other cities around the country was a model for how to peacefully protest.
“I really don’t think we need to take this [violent] route.”
Ashraf’s employee, Luis Villarroel, 58, was dropping a client off at their destination when things turned ugly. Protesters smashed doors and windows in the vicinity, but then turned their attention to Villarroel and the limo. People began pounding on the car and started throwing stones and bricks in his direction. The driver ended up going to the hospital for cuts on his hands and arms from glass being shattered by thrown projectiles.
What possible motivation did the anarchists have for going after the driver? Aren't they all about standing up for the little guy? Isn't their anti-capitalist narrative all about the inequities in the system harming ordinary people?
Guess not.
Ashraf explained that with the loss of the vehicle, his company is now in the hole for $70,000 (if insurance doesn’t cover riots) plus commission and the medical bills for his driver.
It’s ironic to think that protesters are angry with President Trump for his proposed plan to harm and demonize immigrants and Muslims, yet they personally have a hand in destroying the livelihood of a Muslim immigrant.
But when people are in need, there are other decent Americans to pay it forward and help. Marlo Johnson-Denning from Palm Coast, Florida set up a GoFundMe page to help Ashraf, Villarroel, and their company.
In a post, Johnson-Denning wrote, “We are all coming together to Help Nationwide Sedan Services LLC From Alexandria, VA. They are a victim of a senseless act that led to one of their limousines being destroyed.  This is an effort to help this company rebuild in their time of need. This is what this Industry Does !!! Pull together and show our support. Thank you all for helping this company.”
Ashraf told Red Alert Politics that after paying for the car and medical expenses, all extra money will go to charity.
Irony abounds in this story, as most of those donations will not come from the anarchists and their pals who torched the limo.In fact, the idea of irony escapes their limited intellects. They are the troglodytes who know nothing except violence and destruction, believing that if they destroy enough property and injure enough people, the public will pay attention to them and embrace their agenda.
In fact, whatever legitimacy was attached to the anti-Trump protests was lost by the brainless spasm of violence they initiated.
The press is still calling the protests, "mostly peaceful" despite the fact that hundreds of the protesters had nothing but mayhem on their minds. "Mostly peaceful" is a relative term and considering over 200 of the protesters were arrested and charged with felonies, using the word "peaceful" in any context as it relates to the protests is an exaggeration. 


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