Thursday, January 19, 2017

Austria: Teen Muslima invents story of being called “terrorist” and pushed onto train tracks

Yet another faked “anti-Muslim hate crime.” Are there any that are real at all? Here are some of the latest inventions of the Muslim victimhood propaganda industry, which works assiduously to make non-Muslims think that life for Muslims in the U.S. and Europe is miserable, when it is actually quite pleasant. The goal is to stymie counter-terror scrutiny by portraying it as an unfair demonization of an already despised group.
“Muslima (14) invents attack in S-Bahn station,” translated from “Muslima (14) erfindet Attacke in S-Bahn-Station,” Kronen Zeitung, January 18, 2017:
At present, the dramatic story of a 14-year-old on the web is provoking excitement. The young Muslima had claimed that she had been attacked by a woman in the S-Bahn station Krottenbachstraße in Vienna-Döbling, and even pushed onto the tracks. The alleged attack was also reported to the police. But now it turned out that everything was probably only invented…
And so the incident according to the police report supposedly happened this way: First, the 14-year-old was insulted by the unknown woman as a “terrorist,” among other things. Then there was the physical attack that landed the girl on the tracks. In the last second, a witness intervened and the 14-year-old was pulled back onto the platform before a train pulled up. The girl was also hospitalized. The parents filed a complaint because of intentional serious personal injury, police officer Irina Steirer told
Excitement also on the web
“I find it very bad and abhor such acts” – these and similar reactions were found soon afterwards on the web, when the case became known and made the rounds via Facebook. The girl had just escaped death, she said on a site for racist attacks in Austria.
“Nothing is visible on records”
But then the dramatic twist: as Steirer described to, the material from the station video surveillance was now evaluated: “At the time when the incident occurred, nothing can be seen on the records.” The accused can be seen, as well as the alleged victim. But nothing happened, both just got on a train.
The 14-year-old invented the attack for so far unknown reasons. What has caused the girl to do so is still the subject of investigation. She will be questioned again, said Steirer….

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