Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Journalist at ‘Der Spiegel’ celebrates untimely death of German right-wing writer

Hatice Ince, a journalist at the German newspaper Der Spiegel, took to Twitter to express her joy about the untimely passing of German writer Udo Ulfkotte (56), who died of a heart attack on January 13. Ulfkotte was highly critical of Islam, immigration and the mainstream media. He wrote bestsellers like “The war in our cities” and “Purchased journalists“.
The German-born journalist of Turkish descent wrote: “A great beginning of the year” and “Udo Ulfkotte is dead. Me: Hahaha! We’ll drink to that“.
In a short op-ed last year, Ince wrote that Germany sometimes gave her the feeling that “Turks do not belong here, they do not want to integrate, are not intelligent, not German.
Whether that’s true or not, laughing and cheering at the death of someone you disagree with, surely won’t help. Shortly after receiving a tonne of criticism, Ince wrote on her blog that she was drunk – so she actually drank to it – and now has regrets (getting caught, it seems).
This man represents for me exactly the hatred, which often makes us despair. He has fueled a lot of hatred and spread conspiracy theories.

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