Sunday, January 01, 2017

Muslim Migrant Stabs Christian Woman for Reading Bible

Islamic law. It's everywhere you don't want to be. Unfortunately Islamic law is showing up wherever Muslim migrants appear to enforce it.
An Afghan migrant attacked a Christian woman at an asylum centre because he could hear her reading the Bible.
The 50-year-old was attacked in accommodation in Timelkam, Voecklamarkt in North Western Austria. 
Her alleged attacker was a 22-year-old man from Afghanistan who had taken offence to the fact that the woman had been invited by Christian residents of the property to discuss the Bible.
When he found out what she was doing, he stormed into the kitchen where the woman was standing and tried to plunge the knife into her upper body.

In Afghanistan, and in many Muslim countries, that's completely normative behavior. It's why Christian populations are vanishing across the Muslim world. It's not surprising that a migrant showing up in Austria will react much the way that he does in Afghanistan.
The real problem is that politically correct propaganda has left much of the population absolutely in the dark when it comes to expect from the "refugees". That's why this tragedy, and so many others, have taken place.

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