Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Muslim Migrants Used Fake Glasses, Beards for Welfare Fraud

Superman uses a pair of glasses to disguise his identity as a mild mannered reporter fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Muslim migrants use glasses to disguise their identities as welfare frauds ripping off taxpayers out of a sense of Sharia entitlement in Germany.
Regional German broadcaster NDR reported on Sunday that the majority of more than 300 cases of welfare fraud in the nothern city of Braunscheig are related to Sudanese refugees. The total fraud in the state of Lower Saxony is estimated to have cost taxpayers 3 to 5 million euros ($3.2-5.3 million).
According to the initial report, the refugees in question had registered themselves several times in different locations in a bid to receive multiple welfare payments.
Most of them succeeded by using basic disguises to create three or four different identities.
"Sometimes just growing a beard, or putting on a pair of glasses, having shorter hair, but always different surnames," Memenga said.
Due to the huge influx of asylum seekers, last summer, Memenga claimed that overworked civil servants had not been able to see through the deception.
"They simply registered themselves several times," Memenga said. "To some extent with the same members of staff. But at the time they were all overstretched."
At the height of the refugee crisis, they were registering 2,000 people a day.
"At that point, we wanted to avoid one thing - homelessness," Memenga explained. In many early cases, refugees registered with no papers, with only a photograph and no fingerprints being assigned to their registration documents.

This is just a milder version of the much bigger problem that a mass of Muslim colonists poured into the country claiming to be refugees and there was no way to check anything. At the most extreme end this led to mass murder in Islamic terror attacks. At the milder end, it led to welfare fraud. And there's probably some overlap between the two as welfare has financed Muslim terror before.
The only question is whether the new arrivals were using phone booths for their quick changes.

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