Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Muslim Refugee Arrested for Raping 10-Year-Old Girl

There have already been plenty of cases like this across Europe. This one, from the Tundra Tabloids blog, comes from Finland.
A man has been arrested on suspicion of probable cause of aggravated rape and felony child sexual abuse.
Alleged act was committed in a deserted yard of the apartment building in a small town of Pirkanmaa. The suspect has denied the act. The suspected act took place at the beginning of October, and came to the attention of the police at the beginning of December, the girl’s father’s contacted the police.
Of course under Islamic law, a ten year old girl is considered "ready" for these kinds of abuses in line with the pedophilia of Mohammed, the founder of Islam. That however can't be discussed in Europe without hate crimes charges in many instances. And this leaves authorities ignorant and children vulnerable.
The judge ruled that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff committed a crime by stating in her seminars about Islam that the Islamic prophet Mohammed was a pedophile (Sabaditsch-Wolff's actual words were "Mohammed had a thing for little girls.")
Pirkanmaa has had plenty of Muslim migrants dumped there with entirely predictable results. The Muslim settler population in Pirkanmaa continues to pose a serious challenge.

An Iraqi immigrant in Finland has been found guilty of committing a war crime after he posted pictures of himself posing with the head of an Isis fighter on Facebook.
Jebbar Salman Ammar, 29, was given an 18 month sentence by Pirkanmaa district court in southern Finland, AFP reported. The court found he had desecrated the body of the Isis fighter by posting three photographs of himself with the Daesh fighter's decapitated head in the Iraqi city of Tikrit on the social networking site.
In some of the pictures on his Facebook account Ammar can be seen posing outside a Finnish refugee centre, while pictures posted earlier in 2015 show him with what appear to be a members of Shia militias who are battling Isis in Iraq. The pictures showing Ammar posing with the head of the Isis militant have been removed.
And more still...
 A Finnish court on Friday jailed 23-year-old twin brothers from Iraq for four months pending trial on suspicions they were Islamic State militants who fatally shot 11 unarmed soldiers in Iraq in June 2014.
Friday's custody hearing was held behind closed doors at the Pirkanmaa District Court in Tampere.
This is what happens when a region is overwhelmed by a tide of Jihadists posing as refugees.

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