Sunday, February 05, 2017

Anti-Trump Judge Involved in Migrant Issues

Judge Robart, whose wildly illegal and unconstitutional restraining order is in the news, had quite clear political sympathies in the immigration debate. This was Senator Hatch's introduction for Robart.
"Mr. Robart has exceptional qualifications for the Federal bench. After graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in 1973 where he was the administrative editor of the Georgetown University Law Review, he joined the law firm of Lane, Powell, Moss & Miller, which is now known as Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP. Mr. Robart became a partner in that firm in 1980, and subsequently became the managing partner and later the sole managing partner--a position that he holds today. During his time at the firm, Mr. Robart has specialized in complex commercial litigation with an emphasis on class actions, securities, and employment law. He brings a wealth of trial experience to the Federal bench after trying in excess of 50 cases to verdict or judgment as sole or lead counsel, and he has been active in the representation of the disadvantaged through his work with Evergreen Legal Services and the independent representation of Southeast Asian refugees."
Not only did Robart work with refugees, but his old firm's pro bono work includes representing them, including at least one Syrian family.
 Judges do have biases, but when you have a restraining order that is wildly illegal and not grounded in any laws, then you have to assume bias at work. And that is what we have here. Bias at work.

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