Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Denmark wants to halt handing out social benefits relating to ‘sickness’ or ‘disabilities’ to Muslim citizens who headed for the Middle East in order to join the ranks of the Islamic State terror group. A bill that, among others, aims to prevent Danes that are funded by the Danish state from fighting overseas, where their actions undermine the interests of Denmark, has therefore been presented in parliament this morning.
The legal initiative was accompanied by a report from the Police Intelligence Service (PET) proving that state-funded Danish nationals were fighting for IS in Syria and Iraq, BT reports. Employment minister Troels Lund Poulsen commented on the issue:
“It is simply an outrage that we’re spending public welfare money on people traveling to Syria or elsewhere in the world and undermine the democracy that we in Denmark for hundreds of years have been fighting for.”
Poulson, who himself acknowledged the absurdity of the situation, has now announced that he’s going to stop the payments as soon as possible. He will also examine possible legal loopholes which enable the jihadists to live off Danish tax payer money:
“Residing in a war zone and directly or indirectly taking part in military operations is in no way in line with receiving disability payments. Those benefits are meant for persons who cannot work.”
The current legal framework considers reports by PET on Danes fighting in Syria or Iraq as being insufficient to stop them from receiving grants relating to sickness or disabilities. According to a written government statement, the payment of benefits can so far be halted only if a person is fleeing detention after being sentenced or, for example, when a convict has violated the terms of his parole.
The PET findings have certainly upset Naser Khader, who is the Conservatives’ spokesman on immigration and integration. He said:
“The fact that Danish public institutions are indirectly financing terror is insane.”
Bent Bogsted, from the Danish People’s Party, also wasn’t amused by the report, stating that:
“it is highly surprising that you can be ill enough to get a disability pension while simultaneously be sufficiently fit to wage wars.”
Two months back, daily Ekstra Bladet reported on some 36 Danes living on unemployment benefits while fighting for the caliphate, a phenomenon that’s certainly not limited to the little Scandinavian country but, for example, exists in Belgium as well.

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