Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad broke the news late on 21 February, that confidential police information has been regularly leaked to a Moroccan-Dutch criminal organisation, from a police service, which is charged with the security of Geert Wilders and members of the Royal Household. An experienced police officer from a Moroccan background, working with the so-called Service Safety and Security (DBB), is suspected of having sent information derived from police investigations to members of a criminal organisation guilty of fencing and laundering criminal money.
According to a number of high-ranking police officers, the officer in question was tasked with making what is termed ‘area scans’. Hij reconnoitred places where threatened and guarded persons would pay a visit. For his work, the officer had access to a database with highly confidential information. “For work of this nature, you need to be able to request almost all information that you think you need,” according to an investigating officer. The officer suspected of corruption has been apprehended last Monday on suspicion violating professional secrecy and is suspended from duties.
Because of the leak of secret police information from the security unit, vulnerable and threatened people are at risk of danger. It is possible the locations of safe houses has been revealed, although one high-ranking functionary is quoted as saying that there are no “concrete clues that increased security measures are necessary. The apprehended colleague was not in the ‘inner circle’.”
Others, however, say that there is great unrest within the police because of this new case of corruption. Sources within the police are deeply troubled by the leak to the Moroccan-Dutch criminal organisation regarding the work of a service charged with protecting Wilders.
Detectives, lead by a prosecuting officer have started an investigation, trying to find out what information the suspected officer has requested in the past years, and what he has delivered to criminals. “The damage done has not been surveyed yet,” in the words of one source in the business.
The discovery of the case was accidental. During an investigation into a criminal group, the police noticed that the suspects had access to secret investigative information. Digital research found that this information had to be obtained from the officer of the DBB, whom colleagues have suspected for some time.
An officer involved in the investigation states:
“The problem with these corruption investigations is that the apprehended policemen’s loyalty to their Moroccan family members and friends outweighs their loyalty to the police department.”
The police services have had to cope with unrest for some time now. In November 2016, a report found that the DBB suffered from distrust amongst officers, miscommunication and conflicts. The head of the service resigned as a result.
The officer is the second with a Moroccan background to be suspected of corruption within a year, which is called a severe blow to the policy of diversity in the police force.

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