Wednesday, February 01, 2017

German government’s Turkish partner organisation: ‘Jews are cannibals, Christmas is blasphemy’

Anti-Semitic and anti-Christian slurs posted on the Facebook pages of a large Turkish Muslim organisation in Germany have caused controversy in the central European country hosting some 3 million Turkish citizens. DİTİB, which stands for Turkish Islamic Union for Religious Affairs, is considered a partner of the German government and has close ties to the Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet).
Among the posts on DİTİB Facebook pages were:
“The cannibal Jew pukes death in Palestine, to describe the barbarism of the Jews, you will not be able to find the right words” “”The Christmas Feast – a tradition of Christians stinking of blasphemy” and “friendship and relationships with unbelievers (are) prohibited”
DİTİB is connected to about 900 mosque organisations and has nearly 800,000 members, Turkish Minute reports.
‘Wir haben es nicht gewußt’
DİTİB stated it was unhappy with the whole affair, washing its hands in innocence. “Anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity are absolutely unacceptable,” its chief Nevzat Yasar Asikoglu said, claiming he had no previous knowledge of the Facebook posts. Asikoglu furthermore announced that “corresponding investigations will take place and consequences will follow.” 
Asikoglu called the hateful messages “isolated, decentralised Facebook postings” that were “hurting” and in part “relevant to the criminal law,” writes Deutsche Welle. According to Asikoglu, the messages displayed “a false understanding of Islam” as well. “The DİTİB Association has always been strongly opposed to any form of group-based human hostility, especially against racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Islam,” the Turkish leader reportedly said.
Previous shady affairs DİTİB
Recently, another controversy surrounded DİTİB. The club appeared to function as Ankara’s long arm after its imams were reportedly spying on Germany’s Turks in order to identify people connected to Fethullah Gülen, the Islamic preacher who, according to Turkey, is behind the failed coup of July. This spying was allegedly done on Turkey’s request.
DİTİB initially denied the allegations but admitted its role a few weeks back. “We deeply regret this mishap and have spoken to Diyanet about it,” an official from the organisation then commented.

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