Tuesday, February 28, 2017


A float featuring U.S. President Donald Trump and the Statue of Liberty drives in the annual Rose Monday parade on February 27, 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany / Getty
Many German journalists ridiculed President Trump for his comment that Sweden which, as he correctly pointed out, “took in large numbers” [of Muslim migrants], is now “having problems like they never thought possible.
Two days later mob violence broke out in the predominantly immigrant Stockholm suburb Rinkeby after police had arrested a drug crime suspect. Rioters threw rocks at police, set cars on fire, looted shops and attacked and injured a photographer. Actually, those who had picked on Trump for allegedly “making up a terrorist incident” should now apologise and admit that he had been right all along.
Needless to say, this doesn’t happen.
The German news magazine Focus even has the nerve to turn this news against Trump and suggest that his remarks may have triggered the violence. The article‘s headline read:
“Riots after Sweden speechHow a few words by Trump affect the world”
The article continued:
“This weekend, US President Donald Trump talked about an incident in Sweden which had never happened. He cited it as an example for problems with refugees and crime. In the night before Monday ten cars were burning in a migrant neighborhood in Stockholm, shops were looted. Is the connection between the speech and the riots a coincidence? What power do Trump’s words possess? FOCUS Online asked Prof. Dr. Jo Reichertz, a scientist of communication. “He’s the president of a super power, he can decide over lives, has military and financial power’, says Reichertz.””
Fast forward to the conclusion:
“Does Trump have sufficient power to incite an insurrection in the migrant neighborhood? The expert of communication, Reichertz, doubts that: ‚It could be a pure coincidene, it might have happened without Trump’s speech. Or it was calculated, because the world was just looking at that spot due to Trump’s speech. Then it would have been a smart PR move.’”
It’s unclear what the scientist of communication means. A smart PR move on Trump’s part? Does choosing that particular date make the rioters smart? Or are the migrant hooligans and the White House somehow colluding with each other? The journalist and his mad scientist probably don’t know themselves. What matters is that the proof that Trump said the truth about Sweden, doesn’t make him less guilty but more.

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