Monday, February 06, 2017

Germans Purchase ‘Illegal Guns and Grenades’ to Defend Themselves from Migrants

Germans have been purchasing “illegal guns and grenades” in order to protect themselves and their families from the migrants that have flooded into their country.

The weapons were purchased via a website called, “Migrant Fright,” which has now been taken down.
The Daily Mail witnessed the site while it was still live and reports that it advertised self-defense tools that Germans could acquire without going through the “annoying bureaucratic hurdles or annoying paperwork.”
The “Migrant Fright” site said “Protect yourself and your family” and claimed to sell “first-class quality goods, discreetly sent, at a fair price.”
Sued Deutsche (SD) reports that “hundreds of people have ordered shotguns from the illegal online shop ‘Migrant Fear.'” Many other types of firearms were purchased as well from buyers many other countries.
According to SD:
The success of migrant agitation shows how easily right-wing incitements can be made money, how receptive people are from the middle of society, and how difficult authorities are to act against it. It takes months for the loop to tighten around operators and customers. Months, in which hundreds of weapons are sent to all corners of Germany and the database also to Russia or Spain.

Photos of one the firearms sold at “Migrant Fright” appear to show a very rudimentary revolver that uses blanks to shoot hard plastic balls at would-be attackers. The blank is loaded into the cylinder and the hard ball pressed on top of it; the concussion of the blank exploding then blasts the ball out of the barrel.

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