Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Migrants raped and tortured Swedish woman, now appeal court case

Two young men convicted for violently and sadistically gang raping a Swedish woman last summer in the city of Örebro have today appealed their sentences. The victim was sexually abused, beaten and even tortured by the attackers, who are both migrants.
Through a friend, the woman had gotten into contact with the two men, a 22-year-old African and a 19-year-old Lebanese. They drank alcohol together at a party on July 10, after which the men took the drunk woman home. Soon after she fell asleep her ordeal started.
Both men repeatedly raped the terrified woman, Sveriges Radio reported when the duo was convicted in January. After the abuse, she tried to escape through a window but was stopped by the attackers. The 22-year-old then beat the victim in her face several times and even pressed a burning cigarette into the flesh of her thigh. After finally escaping from her own apartment, the victim managed to call the police.
When the perpetrators were arrested in November, they denied the charges. Police nevertheless matched their DNA to traces of semen found in the apartment.
Further testimonies, photographs and forensic reports on the woman’s injuries have been included as evidence as well. A female neighbour had heard the woman screaming “I don’t want to do that.” During the trial, the prosecution blamed the migrants for assaulting the woman “who was in a particularly vulnerable situation because she was drunk and asleep.”

The verdict
The 22-year-old, whose parents are from Somalia and Ethiopia, was sentenced to four years and three months in prison for aggravated rape and assault. He already had some previous convictions of violence to his name, but cannot be deported after serving his sentence, since he already became a Swedish citizen.
The court convicted the 19-year-old to two years in jail for aggravated rape. Even though this individual, being a Lebanese national, could be expelled, the prosecutor insisted that he must not be kicked out of Sweden.
Both men were also ordered to pay damages to the woman.
The appeal
In today’s appeal, the 19-year-old claims that “the intercourse had been voluntary”. According to the Arab, the woman” is suffering from self-injurious behaviour, proof of which can be found on her Facebook profile.” Lawyers representing the African want their client to be acquitted since he asserts that there has never been any sexual activity between him and the woman.

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