Thursday, February 09, 2017

Swedish Minister strongly condemns violence against women… in Russia

Rich. Margot Wallström, Foreign Minister of the country which allows migrants to rape its women on a near daily basis and where Female Genital Mutilation is rampant, saw fit to lecture its neighbour on “violence against women”.
Commenting on a new (indeed condemnable) Russian law relaxing the sentences for domestic violence, she stated:
“This is a big problem, not only in Russia, but everywhere. Women are beaten to death and it often happens at home. (…) Shouldn’t strong Russian women be able to turn to the courts for help? (…) This is a step backwards”
Whilst perhaps true, it’s somewhat of an uncomfortable sensation to hear a government Minister of “The rape Capital of the West” lecture other countries on the safety of women, while a migrant got away with a two-month sentence after vaginally and anally raping two underage Swedish girls.
Wallström used to be the UN’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict. Maybe it’s time she realises that weaponised sexual violence is being committed on a daily basis by migrants in Sweden who are seeking to subvert Sweden’s social fabric.

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