Wednesday, February 15, 2017


New footage has emerged showing ‘French’ youths rampaging through a neighbourhood in the Paris district of Seine-Saint-Denis. The footage also shows youths throwing bricks through the window of what seems to be one of the district’s City Council buildings. One of the young men at 02:20 is also clearly carrying a (fake?) handgun.
The riots started last week after the alleged sodomization by the police of a French 22-year-old known only as ‘Theo‘. So far in Paris, 245 people have been arrested and elsewhere in France, 71 people were detained on charges of: “ambushing, voluntary acts of violence against public officials and law enforcers, voluntary degradation or participation in an armed assembly“.
The French president Hollande has stated:
“We can not accept because of a drama that I myself denounced, that there is a fracture.”
Meanwhile, events like these are bound to boost Marine Le Pen’s Front National’s popularity. The images below, showing rioters chanting “Allah Akbar!”, emerged last week.

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