Wednesday, March 01, 2017

78% of native Dutch think integration has failed due to Islam and immigration

 The Dutch-Moroccan rapper Ismo stating: "I believe nothing blindly except the Quran" "I hate the Jews even more than the Nazis" and "I won't shake hands with faggots" / screenshot YT

Dutch broadcaster AVRO-TROS published a study today, based on a questionnaire presented to about 30.000 people in total. A collaboration between the shows EenVandaag and De Stelling van Nederland, the study took place from 17 to 21 February 2017 and reveal that 65% of Dutch think their identity is under pressure. As causes, they name immigration, Islam and reduced tolerance of native Dutch. Of Dutch nationals with a migration background, 36% feel Dutch identity is under pressure. The research will be the basis for discussion in a show which is to air this evening, answering the question “is this still my country?
A large percentage of the native Dutch that think Dutch identity is under pressure, point at immigration as a cause. Somebody wrote:
I can’t understand anyone in the tram anymore. Girls get cat-called. Christmas is called ‘winter feast’ and some parents just plain refuse to talk to a female teacher.”
When asked about integration, 78% answers that it has been a failure and 85% think that those with a migration background should try harder to integrate into Dutch society. Of the 1000 ‘migrants’, 67% agree, while 40% call the integration a failure. But while 72% of ‘migrants’ think native Dutch should be more open to others, only 46% of natives agree.
A little over half the natives thinks that the different cultures and religious can live in the Netherlands in peace. Among the ‘immigrants’ this is 72%. As long as everybody obeys the Dutch rules and laws, however, a large majority of natives (79%) as well as ‘immigrants’ (86%) doesn’t mind if there are differences between different groups of people.

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