Monday, March 06, 2017

Austrian Foreign Minister: “Build refugee centres outside of the EU” “Political Islam has no place in Europe”

In an interview with both German secretary for Finance Jens Spahn and Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sebastian Kurz in the German magazine, Bild am Sonntag, both men were hitting hard. EU politics, Islam, politics and culture all got their fair share of attention. When asked what it means to be a conservative, Kurz points out that the classic political handles – left-wing, right-wing, conservative, liberal – have lost their meaning, and have become fluid. Spahn, in reply, lashes out at third-wave feminism:
Every day, young women are married by their fathers in Germany against their will. The hijab is a cage made of fabric. I reject both, and then have to be scolded as an arch-conservative. Earlier, the struggle for women’s rights was still left-liberal. But the Left has been mutilated in its politically correct multicultural ideology.”
When asked if Angela Merkel’s refugee politics were ‘conservative’, it is Kurz’s time to criticise  modern politics:
It is not right to only connect this to Angela Merkel. This false policy has been supported by many heads of state and governments as well as by the EU Commission. It was meant well. But it was always clear to me: when we wave people into Central Europe, it will entice more and more people to make their way here.”
Both are in agreement that the flood of migrants into Europe must be stopped, not facilitated, with Spahn recommending a policy of returning migrants at the outer borders:
We urgently need agreements similar to those with Turkey, with the North African countries. If for three or four weeks, we consistently bring those who have been saved in the Mediterranean back to where they launched, the whole business will be over – and with it the dying of migrants at sea.
Kurz supports this line of thinking, arguing that:
We need refugee centres outside of the EU, which are operated jointly with the UNHCR. Where they are exactly, is not so crucial. Important is that they provide protection and that people who are on their way to Europe illegally are brought back there. Such facilities could be located in countries such as Egypt, Georgia or a country in the West Balkans. (…) People should not be let in at all. It is easier to stop and bring back someone at the EU’s external border than when he already moved into a flat in Vienna or Berlin.”
On the role of Islam in the migration issue, the two are likewise critical. Spahn says he does not see an Islamisation of Europe, but at the same time, he stresses the need to stop Islamists who dream of becoming the majority and calls for the closure of mosques rejecting European society. Kurz, again, is more combative:
There is religious freedom in all European countries. This is good. No one who comes to us has to deny his roots. But political Islamism has no place with us. This ideology must be combated not only by military means in the fight against ISIS. There are also radicals among us who want to reject our way of life and fight us.”

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