Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cops Shoot ‘Knifeman’ Outside UK Parliament, Multiple Injured After ‘Car Attack’ on Westminster Bridge


The British Parliament has been suspended and Westminster is on lockdown after police reportedly apprehended a knife attacker on the grounds of the Houses of Parliament.

Shots were heard late afternoon on Wednesday, with authorities confirming within minutes that the Parliament was on lock down and Members of Parliament were kept in the Commons chamber.
Less than an hour after the attack London’s Metropolitan Police declared they were treating the attack as a “terrorist incident”.
The shots heard fired in the vicinity of the palace are understood to have been by armed police.
A witness within the parliamentary estate told Breitbart London: “We’re locked in the office at the moment, waiting to find out what’s going on. Looking out the window, I can see Westminster Bridge, there’s a man on the floor having a blanket put over him, paramedics are just turning up. There are a few paramedics at the Speaker’s end of the bridge. They have been attended to for a while. There are a lot of firearms officers”.
Speaking to British media, Journalist Kevin Schofield said: “We heard a very loud bang outside the press gallery. We heard lost of shouting, there were men running around. Then I looked to my left and someone rushed through gates at Westminster and attacked a policeman.
“Another policeman came and rescued him and the man who assaulted him got up and appeared to be carrying a knife. We heard lots of gunfire. Five or six rounds.”

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