Monday, March 27, 2017

FAKE NEWS: No, Trump Never Handed Merkel a NATO Invoice

You might think that the media would feel some shame considering the amount of times it ran with a fake story only to learn that it was a lie. But the fake news media feels no shame.
Germany slams 'intimidating' £300bn White House bill - The Times
Donald Trump branded 'international embarrassment' after handing made-up Nato invoice to Angela Merkel - The Independent
Trump Reportedly Handed Merkel a $374 Billion Invoice for NATO - Slate Magazine
Trump handed $300 billion-plus NATO 'invoice' to German chancellor: report - The Hill
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Donald Trump 'Handed Fake £300bn Nato Invoice To Angela Merkel' - Huffington Post UK
Trump's awkward meeting with Angela Merkel just got more cringeworthy - ThinkProgress
Trump handed Merkel 'outrageous' NATO bill: report -
One problem. It never happened. Sean Spicer denied it. But the media insists that he's never to be believed. Then Merkel's government denied it.
A spokesman for the German government on Monday denied media reports that U.S. President Donald Trump handed a multibillion-euro invoice to Chancellor Angela Merkel when they met in Washington earlier this month.
“Reports that President Trump had presented the federal chancellor with a kind of bill with a concrete billion sum are not true,” spokesman Steffen Seibert said at a press conference.
The story never passed the smell test. If President Trump were going to stage something like that, he would have done it on camera. But the media is eager to repeat any story that is negative without doing any fact checking. And then it pretends to be outraged about fake news.

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